Advertising with currently receives between 500 and 1000 views a day, ensuring your advertising message has quality exposure to people that are often doing their research before choosing a holiday destination. A large percentage of visitors have already returned from their holidays and use the webcam to reminisce about experiences at this unique holiday destination.

Put your business or service in front of up to 200,000 people per year for less than $2.00 per day.


Advertising Options –

There are 3 main advertising opportunities available on


This is a rotating Banner on the right and left hand side of the webcam image. This Banner will also appear in other location throughout the website. When the viewer clicks or taps on the Banner they will be taken directly to your website. The Banner will be displayed for 8 seconds then rotate to another advertiser’s Banner. Every advertiser will have the opportunity for their Banner to appear when visitors view the BroomeCam website.

Eye catching Banner that is linked directly to your website. 

The cost for this opportunity is $50 per month. ($600 per year)


 A full Page is linked from the Main Menu with a full description of your Business. Up to 1000 words can be used to describe your products or services. This can be further enhanced with the placement of up to 10 images or graphics.
This Page will provide to the viewer links to your Business Website, email address and contact details.

Full business description
Links to your website and e-mail
Display of your contact  numbers
A photo gallery with up to 10 images
Embedded videos of your choice
A google map and directions

The cost for this opportunity is $50 per month. ($600 per year)


A Listing in the Business Directory. Your Business will appear under a category ie Accommodation. You will receive a dedicated page for your business within the website.  We include a detailed description of your business and services with a photograph gallery. A Google map is included to show the location of the business.

Full business description.
Links to your website and e-mail.
Display of your contact numbers.
A photo gallery with up to 5 images.
A google map and directions.

The cost for this opportunity is $30 per month. ($360 per year)