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Cable Beach is a world famous beach in Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia. A stunning natural paradise, Broome offers an unparalleled tropical lifestyle to locals and unrivalled holiday destination to all visitors.

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The latest magical Broome pearls!How incredible are these two pearls dubbed “Moon and the Sun” from Saturday mornings harvest at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm! 😍
They were totally unexpected when they opened the shells and couldn’t be happier with the results of their hard work. Well done team! 👏🏻
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5 days ago

The latest magical Broome pearls!Image attachment


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Jenny Cruz

Clint Wilcox

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Latest news about the earthquake from ABC⚠️KIMBERLEY EARTHQUAKE⚠️
The magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck roughly 200 kilometres off the coast of Eighty Mile Beach and 300km west of Broome just after 1.30pm on Sunday.

It was a whopper: Geoscience Australia have received more than 1000 reports of the quake from people in Perth all the way to Darwin.

Nine more earthquakes have been recorded near the epicentre since the big one this afternoon, ranging from Magnitude 3.8 to Magnitude 5.2.

There is no Tsunami threat, Broome beaches were temporarily closed, but have since been re-opened.

Several businesses in Broome suffered minor damage, but DFES says no major damage or injuries have been reported.

We've felt a couple of mild aftershocks at the office, Geoscience says we could get some more movement into the evening.

DFES will be monitoring the situation into the night, with an earthquake alert in place for coastal areas of the North West and Kimberley.

People who need assistance can call SES on 132 500.

In a life threatening emergency call 000.

Did you feel the ground shake?

Here are some photos of damage at a local restaurant. What did you see and feel?
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1 week ago


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Keep safe.

Hope everyone is safe

Port Hedland copped it as well , Broome is so important

Another just now in Indonesia..

7.2 in 1941

Pete Mason

Sandra Seidel 🤔

Anna Felich-Brewerton

Richard Massey :(

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Broome has just felt a large earthquake. The epicentre is out to sea so let’s be on high alert for any large waves on Cable Beach? ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Broome has just felt a large earthquake. The epicentre is out to sea so let’s be on high alert for any large waves on Cable Beach?


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Hope you are all OK and there are no more to follow.

anything would have arrived in minutes being so close to Broome.

Unreal Broome.stay safe.chch night.

New Zealand I ment.

It took a few seconds to realise what was happening. Van, car, psheparkds all rattled and shook.

Great about to go on holidays and it's now that Broome starts to rock lol

Are there chances of another one today/tonight??

Felt it - John thought it sounded like a plane crashing. Everything shook and rattled. No damage

Renai Hyder

O my

Ian Austin how did you guys go with this? Hope you are all ok xx

Jordan Knowles Emma Chandler

No tsunami threat apparently

Anna Felich-Brewerton

Douglas Johnson

Charlotte Huggins

Nicole Banfield

Jan Edwards

Pete Mason

Annie Durkay

Barbara Minchin

Pania Burton

Emma-Lee Dixon

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It’s chilli mud crab time.
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2 weeks ago

It’s chilli mud crab time.


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Have never been able to understand the fascination for chilli on the beautiful subtle taste of muddy.Like putting ketchup on pavlova !! 😉

Gotta go back 😂

Deliver to North East Victoria? Uber eats ???!!!!

EZY boys

Leslie Davies

Ben Harris

Elena Schwob


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Broome is shrouded in fog for the second morning in a row and it looks even thicker than yesterday!

Take care on the roads and keep your best fog pictures coming.

Got a story about this time of year in the Kimberley? Get in touch!
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2 weeks ago


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Monica Richards hope dad has better day fishing today then he did they say we went with him in the fog! 🤣🤣🤣

Colin a bit foggy!!!!

Craig Burgess 🤰🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 too funny!!

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